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Types Of Nannies

Daily nanny

A daily nanny, as the name suggests is employed on a daily basis to care for children in their own home. The duties of a daily nanny include taking care of the childrens physical and emotional needs, preparing meals for the children, providing a variety developmentally appropriate activities for for the children and taking them on outings such as play dates or age appropriate educational outings. 

Live-in nanny

A live in nanny provides the same care for the children and performs the same duties as a daily nanny. The weekly salary is lower than that of a daily nanny however, accommodation is provided for the nanny in the family home (or a nearby flat) as part of the nanny's payment package. 

Maternity nanny

Maternity nannies are trained and experienced in newborn care, settling, feeding, infant routines, and basic post-natal care of mothers. Maternity nannies work in a variety of roles ranging from 24/6 live in roles for the first 12 weeks of a babies life to part time daily roles and everything in between.

Night nanny

Night nannies are usually trained and experienced in newborn care, settling, feeding and infant sleep routines. The role of a night nanny depends on the needs of the family and the nature of the booking and varies from taking care of a baby overnight so that parents can have a full night of uninterrupted sleep, to assessing sleep issues and implementing a routine to address the issues while teaching the parents settling techniques and how to continue with the routine.  

What's the difference between a nanny and a babysitter? 

A babysitter supervises children, usually for short periods, such as a few hours in the evening - often the children are in bed for a considerable amount of the time spent babysitting.

A professional nanny is usually a trained and experienced child carer. A nanny is employed by a family on a regular part -time, or full time basis and takes responsibility for the daily needs of the child or children in her (or his, in the case of a manny) care. This includes planning daily activities, preparing meals and helping the children with care routines such as bathing.

What's the difference between a nanny and a housekeeper? 

Nannies look after children, housekeepers look after houses. While a nanny will keep the work and children's area tidy and clean up after preparing meals for the children, it is not the nanny's role to do general housework.